AACD - Forgotten Money


An idea created in partnership between a laundry network called 5àsec to promote the Association for Assistance to Disabled Children (AACD). The idea was to encourage people to donate money to the Association by showing them that things they don’t even care about, like forgotten bills, might be a big help for those in need.

This particular intervention happened in a neighborhood called Moema in São Paulo, where bills were purposely put in the pockets of clients clothes left for laundry. As they got there to pick up their washed clothes, clients were surprised with the “forgotten money”, which was actually fake bills with information about the Association and a QR code with the possibility of immediate donation. Watch the video(and please, activate the subtitles):

Agency: Havas Digital
Creative Direction: Luís Renato.
Head of Art: Fábio Lemos.
Head of Copy: Stefan Polas.
Art direction: Michel Tonieti.
Copywriter: Otávio Mastrogiuseppe.

2023 | São Paulo - Brazil | Say Hello!