Colgate Start with a Smile


Colgate always communicated in a very traditional way. In the past years, different communication and advertising channels got a bigger part in consumers lives. And so, after years of using their products to create messages, Colgate's tradicional ads started no to work as well as before.

In order to understand the change and how to engage with the consumers again, we worked a lot and started studying consumers, their behavior in Social Media and what kind of content and connection they seeked.

The former content and messages were not wrong. But they were delivered in the wrong context. In social media, consumers were looking to share experience, be inspired, connect with others and share memories, instead of being surprised by product ads. At the end, the key to be assertive is to deliver a good content in the right context.

With this in mind, we developed a communication strategy and “Start with a smile” was born. Simple messages, without explicit products, that create a connection with the consumer. They can relate to them emotionally, through a memory, something they are living right now, or even something they wish to themselves.

Start with a Smile is not just a campaign, it's a study about consumer behavior and understanding how to deliver the perfect message and start a conversation and a strong relationship rather than just selling products. Check it out:

Agency: Y&R Red Fuse Brazil
Head of Art and Creative Strategy: Fábio Lemos.
Art Direction: Fábio Lemos.
Copywriter: Gilberta Rabaca

2023 | São Paulo - Brazil | Say Hello!