Expedia - Have a nice trip

Incorporating art, design, and illustration references into advertising is one way to find new ways to connect consumers with brand narratives. For Expedia, it's not just about helping consumers with a great travel deal, it's about allowing them to have new experiences and expand their horizons.

In line with the brand's value proposition and mission, we developed a campaign about unusual trip and destinations. Through the "Roscharch" style, we asked people: "What trip comes to their mind?". In each ad, you can have an amazing trip through three wonderful destinations: Paris, New York, and India. Check it out:
- India -

- New York -

- Paris -

Agency: VML Brazil
Creative Direction: Wellington Ferreira, Jairo Anderson e Silmo Bonomi.
Art Direction: Wellington Ferreira and Fábio Lemos.
Copy:Jairo Anderson.
São Paulo - Brazil | Say Hello!