Guide Investimentos

The financial sector is one of the most competitive in Brazil. From major banks to brokerage firms, there's always a player vying for the spotlight in managing Brazilian finances. After all, investing is a rapidly growing habit in the country, and no one wants to miss out on this expanding market.

Amidst this competition, every brand wants to appear as the ultimate expert: well-versed in the market, spotting irresistible opportunities, and always ready for any risks.

Guide didn't want to be just another player. Despite believing in the importance of understanding the market, they always knew that the key is to understand the profile of the investor. With this belief, the brand was ready to reposition itself and find a unique space in the market. Engaging with both those well into their financial journey and those looking for a starting point to invest.

But how do you avoid sounding like just another brokerage trying to get your money? Another self-proclaimed expert on investments?

Instead of being just another voice talking about investments and the market, Guide decided to provoke and question people's relationship with money by generating curiosity without actually promoting products. It offered a unique perspective and a genuine purpose.

Guide believes that happiness brings money, not the other way around.

Thus, the brand's purpose was born. In a context where life and money seem to be on opposite sides, "guiding people so that money doesn't limit life" has never been more relevant.

The new brand launch campaign, beyond creating awareness, were also focused on bringing a positive impact to Brazilians and their relationship with money. It aimed to make the pursuit of money less burdensome, allowing people to worry less about finances and focus more on their lifes.

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