QR Code Flags


The CI Central de Intercambio ad campaign doesn’t just promote travelling, it promotes informed travelling. By being the largest youth and student travel organisation in Brazil, the company provides people with the widest choice in educational programmes and travel services. Our solution is illustrated by images of flags rendered in common QR codes. The idea is to have students cutting out the ads and using them as pocket travel guides. For example, all the QR Codes in the Spanish flag below guide them to a mobile site with comprehensive information about the country. Check it out: 

///Print Activation///

///How it works//

///Mail Mkt Activation///

///The idea was adapted for other countries///

Agency: Havas Digital
Creative Direction: Luis Renato.
Art Direction: Fábio Lemos.
Copywriter: Mateus Oliveira and Felipe Delphorno.

1x Bronze // Press - Wave Festival 2013
1x Shortlist // Design - Wave Festival 2013
São Paulo - Brazil | Say Hello!