Spotlees Confidence

For the launch of the new Nivea Invisible Black & White, we have created "SPOTLESS CONFIDENCE". A web series to talk about trust in a way that the Brazilian market has never seen.

Everyone knows that the deodorants use to ruin shirts. Leaving the house with that stain of deodorant, meant leaving all your confidence at home. With the launch of a product that does not leave stains on your clothes, we decided to approach the theme in a bigger way, since there are many other things that can shake our confidence every day, especially when talking about millennials.

With a web series thought for this audience and contemplating the consumers with purchasing power, like mothers and fathers, we created episodes within their reality. Something that no other brand wanted to approach. Obviously, we worked on traditional content like "Episode 2: Important Meeting" but in another hand, we brought disruptive content like "Episode 5: Dinner with Mom's new boyfriend".

In each episode, we present tips and observations of that specific environment, in order to help the user to go through it with confidence the future. In addition, we invited the "Casal Sem Vergonha" (a couple of very famous bloggers in Brazil with amazing numbers and followers) for a WhatsApp group in which they discovered stories of users that were shaken up by the lack of confidence and did not have the best end. They talked about it and about what could have been different. The best ones were then transformed into new episodes.

Spotless Confidence is an example of digital content that creates and transforms conversation between users and, even more important, creates a connection between the consumer and the brand, bringing the product closer to their reality.

Agency: VML Brazil
Executive Creative Direction: Silmo Bonomi.
Creative Direction: Jairo Anderson and Wellington Ferreira.
Art Directors: Fábio Lemos.
Copywriter: Juliana Ribeiral.
São Paulo - Brazil | Say Hello!