Unico Illustration System

Design System

An illustration system allows creating with consistency, modularity, and scalability that contribute to the brand narrative, as well as delivering a proprietary experience for our users.

Based on these premises, we designed and created an illustration system for Unico, following our Design principles. With Unico's focus on privacy, security, simplicity,  transparency, and always thinking about scale for consistency and efficiency, the modular illustration allowed the Design Team exploring various themes, products, and experiences.

Using simple shapes with focus on education, the illustrations helped to translate actions, tangibilizing flows and simplifying complex themes of the technologies that involve Unico's products such as Facial Biometrics in Unico Check.

We built a scale for illustration, exploring the elasticity of the same asset as much as possible. From complex "Scenes" with big stories and compositions with lots of context, to more functional and clear "Spots" for more direct actions and more objective messages.

To deliver a final product and a more inclusive system, we worked together with the Accessibility Ops team to design rules for applying colors, strokes, and overlays, ensuring more accessibility.

The result is a robust, scalable, and fully adaptable library for any medium or media. With a brand new look about illustration, at Unico IdTech they have purpose and function: to simplify product narratives and guide the user through a fluid experience.

Agency:Ana Couto

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