Art Direction
The acquisition of Elemidia, one of the most important media companies OOH, made Eletromidia one of the largest media companies in Latin America.

To ensure that this merger between the two brands combined the best of both, it was necessary to do deep branding work to understand complementarities, opportunities and issues to be improved.

In this scenario, we realized that it was necessary to highlight the major differences between the two brands, make the new brand more relevant and present in the lives of its target audiences to build relationships; establish the conversation with the end consumer - and not just with advertisers - as a brand habit; and, finally, create an identity that connects this whole merger with the fact that this brand is present on the streets and in people's lives.

Given the value proposition and positioning that reinforce the presence on the street, the visual concept could not be otherwise.

A symbol inspired by maps and street features, expressing the vibrant and cool side of life on the street.

In addition, we used graphics and colors that directly relate to urban symbols such as crosswalks and traffic lights. The designed symbol was created to be used from the brand's assets to lifestyle items such as clothing and accessories.

All the strategic and creative work was focused on consolidating Eletromidia as a brand that indeed thinks differently and has the potential to become even more relevant in people's lives, creating conversations and connections with them and also with brands.

Agency:Ana Couto

São Paulo - Brazil | Say Hello!